Worship Guide - March 29


Every Sunday we focus on retelling the good news of Jesus Christ. This Sunday is no different. This guide is meant to support you worshipping through a Digital Gathering. Below, you will find a few suggestions and prompts to lead you into worship centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through our worship we magnify the greatness of God the Father, we thank Jesus for His grace and we receive the empowerment that comes from the Holy Spirit. May this time of resting in God's presence encourage your soul.


To begin, check out this intro video from Mark Miller.


If you didn't see it last week, watch this short video of Kyle giving a brief explanation of what our time of worship will look like. 

Many of us think of worship as a time to sing with a band at church. Worshipping through song in a corporate setting is good and beautiful but worship is so much more than that. To worship is to turn your attention and affection towards God in adoration and awe. God has given us so many creative ways in Scripture as examples of how we can participate in worship. 

Below are a few suggestions for what your time of worship could look like. 

  • Worship by meditating on a Psalm such as Psalm 34:17-22 or Psalm 103:1-12. Read it aloud. Read slowly. Ask the Holy Spirit to draw your attention to a single word or phrase. Once you have something in your mind’s eye, spend a couple of minutes meditating on it and ask God what he might be saying to you through that particular word, phrase or image. If you are participating as a couple or a family, it may be helpful to share what caught your attention in the Psalm.

  • Reflect on a way that scripture describes God. Here are a few examples. Upholder, Ancient of Days, Advocate, Vine, Great Physician, Conqueror, Water of Life, Merciful,  Abba, Counselor, Comforter, Father, Guardian, Stronghold,  Friend, Gardener, Hiding Place, Shade,  Nourisher, Rescuer, Potter, Healer, Triumphant, Redeemer, Shepherd, Understanding. Scan this list and notice if your heart if is drawn towards a particular word. Sit with that word. Don’t hurry to another word. Listen and wait. As an act of worship, take your word and turn it to prayer. Pray aloud on your own or in your group. Try using a sentence prayer or a few sentences to thank God for a specific aspect of His character.​​​

    • Dive Deeper: take your word and write it on a sticky note. Place it on your mirror or refrigerator so that you’ll be reminded of it throughout your week. OR take your word and set it as a “reminder” or a “calendar event” with a notification for each morning. It could be as simple as “God is my ________.”​


Take a moment to thank God for all you have and use the Pushpay app (or click here) as a way to give to the needs and mission of the local church. 

Preaching of the Word

Ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart to receive God’s Word. Play this video teaching from Mark Miller.​

Click here to access the sermon notes. Feel free to use the digital copy or print them out.

After watching the teaching, we'd encourage you to respond by reflecting on and singing along with the song "Jesus Paid it All."

Consider responding to a few of these prompts:

  • Spend time discussing and reflecting on times past when, though faced with a trial or challenge, you sensed God’s purpose and Christ’s presence.

  • What are you currently thankful for? 

  • What are you sad about?  

  • What are you worried about?  

  • Spend time in prayer over these things remembering Jesus's promise to be present with us in times of need.

  • In what ways might you better cultivate gratitude as a spiritual discipline?  

  • In spite of current circumstances and realities, who might you reach out to today to offer prayer, help and/or support?

Respond in Prayer

Close your time by praying for each other, our communities, nation and world. If you’re participating on your own, it’s perfectly acceptable to call up someone from Baseline and pray with them over the phone. 

Feel free to send prayer requests to prayer@baselinecc.com or text them to 909.643.5742. If you’d like the staff to pray for you by name, please add your name to your email or text message. We look forward to partnering with you in prayer.

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