Slowing Down This Christmas

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Dear Friends,

One of the phrases I hear often when I meet with people is, “Our life is just so full”. Between work, kids’ activities, keeping a home in order, numerous home projects, church events, tracking your fantasy football team, connecting with friends and family, etc… there just doesn’t seem to be much margin. What can easily happen during the Christmas Season is that we pile on more to an already busy life… and the season becomes frenetic, stressful, and filled with anxiety… not what I imagine our Lord has in mind for celebrating his birth.

Our theme for this Advent Season is “Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room”

Our hope as a church is to offer gatherings, devotionals, and opportunities to serve which will allow you to connect with friends and provides moments to reflect on the birth of Jesus in a way that truly does enlarge your heart so that you will experience the hope, love, joy and peace of Christmas.

I encourage you to find some time each week to personally reflect on the goodness of God in your own life. Block out an evening during this season to just sit with friends or family—maybe with a fire in the fireplace—and share how Jesus has made a difference in your life this year. Try not to rush… intentionally slow down for the things that matter… and maybe Jesus will find room in your heart to do something unexpectedly wonderful this season.

It is a joy to be your pastor.

Warmly in Christ,


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