Baseline Weekly - The Best Part of My Day

An original poem inspired by Psalm 103:13 and true events.

The best part of my day, when my kids were young,

Was picking them up from school

Seeing their faces brought so much joy,

But I was determined to play it cool

Can’t make a scene in front of their friends

Or embarrass them with my embraces

But my heart’s desire was to shout my delight

At seeing their beloved faces

As homework was gathered and backpacks zipped up

My anticipation began to grow

For the joy-filled stroll from classroom to car

Where my love could overflow

As we walked together, I’d stretch out my arm

‘Round the shoulder of one child or two

“How was your day?” I’d often say

“What did you learn that is new?”

The answers they gave to the questions I asked

Wasn’t what mattered so much

It was the walk itself and the care expressed

Through my gentle and loving touch

From classroom to car was not so far

A brief walk by any measure

But the moments we shared on that simple trek

Were ones that I came to treasure


Some years later, I found myself

In a season of struggle and grief

My heart began to stray from God

As I misguidedly sought out relief

In the midst of my pain and discouragement

God felt so far away

With wavering faith, I turned to a friend

And asked her if we could pray

We listened to God on my behalf

Seeking him for a word

Quiet together, for a minute or two,

Then my friend revealed what she’d heard

“God shared with me a vision for you

That perhaps you’ll understand

I saw Jesus himself walking next to you

But instead of holding your hand

His arm is laid across your back,

His hand resting on your shoulder

You look like you’re 9 or 10 years old

Or maybe a little older”

Upon hearing her words and the image she shared

My tears began to fall

Sweet memories rose up of those after-school walks

So easy for me to recall

And in my soul, God whispered these words

Spoken so clear and true

“The best part of your day is exactly the way

That my heart takes delight in you.”

My burdens fell, the darkness fled,

Light and joy came in

The Father’s love, so full of grace

Washed away my sin

I came to see that it wasn’t me

Who somehow had wandered away

He was by my side the entire time

He’s the God who came to stay

The love of God for each beloved child

Is a mystery without measure

May the very best part of all of our days

Be found resting in his pleasure

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