Baseline Weekly - Lacking Faith

Coming off of a Sunday message that was centered on prayer, there is a personal prayer that made its way into my heart yesterday morning that I want to share with you. The prayer is this: Lord, increase my faith. That’s it. Simple. Yet not so simple. A short prayer. Yet a heavy one.

Increase my faith, Lord. In the midst of disappointments, increase my faith. Help me cling to slivers of hope even when circumstances scream for me to run and not trust you. Help me cling to slivers of hope in you when situations cause me to want to doubt your love for me, for us, for your people.

Does anyone else need to say this prayer with me? Increase my faith, Lord. I keep repeating it to myself, letting it sink into the depths of my mind and soul.

May we not let disappointment or discouragement cloud us and control us. May we instead pray that God would increase our faith so that we can live in the abundant hope we have in him even though….you can fill in the blank.

And you know what our Good Shepherd does? “He brings me back” (Psalm 23:3). Even when I am spiritually dry or sitting in discouragement or running away from trusting in his goodness, “He brings me back.” Even when I have to pray, increase my faith, Lord, “He brings me back.” He has had to bring me back to himself countless times, and I know he will do it again. He will do the same with you.

So this week and beyond I will continue to confess my lack of faith and ask God to increase my faith. Maybe this short prayer speaks to you, too, or maybe God put a different one on your heart that you can practice praying throughout the week. It doesn’t need to be complicated or long or short or perfectly worded. It may even be a jumble of thoughts or words or sighs. But our loving God knows what you mean and will meet you where you are.

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