Baseline Weekly - Casting Our Cares

Years ago, my friend told me a story about her young daughter. The little girl had suddenly started walking hunched over, as though she was carrying something heavy. My friend asked her why, and found a perfect example of preschooler logic: Two people in their circle of acquaintance had recently passed away, and my friend had explained to her daughter that they went to “be with Jesus.” The little girl knew that Jesus was living in her heart (after all, she had invited him into it!). Now that those other people were in there with him, her heart was getting really full and heavy, and she was hunching over under the weight of them!

I hadn’t thought of that story in years, but God brought it to mind again recently. Thinking of my friend’s little girl, bent over under the weight of a burden that was not hers to carry, made me realize that while I’m walking upright physically, I’m hunched over and weighed down on the inside. I’ve taken on burdens - fears, worries, petty annoyances - that I should never have picked up. God never intended for me to carry them.

I’m learning that with everything going on around me, I need to be more intentional about casting my cares on the Lord, who will sustain me (Psalm 55:22) - maybe you do, too? I invite you to flex your “care-casting” muscles with me in this season. Praying through what we’re afraid of or cannot stop thinking about, sharing with a friend so we can each pray for the other, and moving to a place of deeper trust in Jesus. Together, let’s experience the rest Jesus promises to those who are weary and burdened in Matthew 11.

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