A God Who Listens

I love finding parallels between nature and spirituality. We have so much to learn from God through nature and I love how God shows up in his creation.

Recently I was sitting next to a creek listening to the peaceful sound of the rushing water. Even though it was peaceful, it was also quite loud and it was difficult to hear anything else when sitting right next to it. But I noticed I could still hear the birds above the noise of the creek. There were birds everywhere, in fact, chirping back and forth to one another.

Despite the sound of the rushing creek below them, the birds could still hear each other calling. I wondered about this and thought about how God can still hear us despite the sound and the noise in our lives. He can hear us and respond to us even with the constant rushing water in our lives and the noise of the world.

As I was sitting by that creek, I also realized that there wasn’t a break in the rushing water of the creek; the noise didn’t let up. It was constant. It didn’t suddenly stop. It’s the same in our lives. The noise of the world doesn’t stop. Whether it’s chaotic noise, near-silent noise, noise from our inner selves, loudness from others, there seems to always be some type of noise. But the beautiful thing is that He can still hear our call. I don’t know about you, but most of the time I want to find quiet when I talk to God. I want to be in a space that is already calm. But isn’t God in the noise as well? Isn’t He powerful enough to hear his creations call to him no matter the sound around them?

I am challenged to train myself to be in communion with God in the midst of the noise, with the noise, right in the middle of it. Yes, we can sometimes briefly find respite from the noise, but if we only wait for those times, then what are we missing out on that God might have for us IN and WITH the noise?

God can still hear us and we can still hear Him. It’s just that sometimes we have to listen above the sound of the rushing water, just like the birds listen for each other. We have to listen carefully for God and expect that He will listen and answer. I am so thankful for God’s faithfulness in listening to us.

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