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Preparing for Easter

As you participate in this season of Lent, allow the Holy Spirit to do His best cultivating work. If our hearts are like gardens, then Lent, like the thaw between winter and spring, is a time of preparation. It’s a season when we are invited to prepare the soil of our lives for growth. So consider how this season may prepare your heart for growth, new life, and the fruitfulness of a well-tended garden.

Allow Him to dig up stubborn stones, distracting weeds, and to prune that which is dead and not growing. Create a quiet space and place where He can speak to you and watch Him work.

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Baseline Weekly

Thursday Prayer

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Music Worship

Garden Project

Baseline Weekly for Lent

For the season of Lent, Baseline Weekly will be shared every Wednesday as a podcast for you to listen to. Each podcast will include different readings, Scripture, and prompts for reflection, confession, prayer, and action. It's intentionally short so you can listen while you're on a morning walk, driving to the grocery store or just sitting outside.

You can also listen each week on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Thursday Prayer

Church Family, let's pray together during this Lenten season! We will be meeting on Zoom every Thursday at 7 am for a 20-25 minute prayer time. Our desire is to be intentional in our prayers during this season and we desire to do that as a community of believers. We truly hope you will join us and we look forward to the powerful ways in which God will speak.


Lenten Devotionals
Music Worship for Lent

Music is a gift from God that often gives us words to sing and pray when we don't have any words of our own. Feel free to use this playlist of worship songs in your own time with Jesus during this Lenten season. 

Community Garden Project

During this season of Lent, Baseline Church is invited to participate in a special project for the Pomona Hope Community Garden. This produce-only garden is a bright spot across the street from the Pomona Hope Center and is open to families of students and the greater community of Pomona. In that garden are close to 50 raised plots that are rented out to families and community members. Students in the after school program also have plots where they learn about soil, climate, and harvest.


Whatever is grown in the plot belongs to the family who has done the work of planting and continual care. Some families have saved upwards of $100 in produce costs per month. This is a labor of love for families who presently struggle to bring food to their tables.


Here is where we can help with our donations. The funds Baseline raises during Lent will go completely toward the upkeep and replenishment of the Community Garden. The money will be used toward the costs of compost to help us enrich the soil in the growing plots; garden gloves to protect hands while removing weeds and planting; bypass hand pruners that are used to do trimming of overgrowth and help in harvesting; garden hand trowels that are used for planting new veggies in the plots and also for weed removal; and long Handled Bypass pruners to keep our citrus and fig trees properly trimmed and producing, and to break down that debris to go into the compost piles.


We will also have a special fund that will go towards a bench in memory of our friend Jon Wallace, who grew up on a farm near Beaumont and kept himself close to his rural roots. Because Jon loved the outdoors and a good book, this bench will be placed next to the existing Little Free Library in the center of the garden.

If you would like to donate toward the Community Garden or the special bench in memory of Jon, please donate online or by check and indicate the specific project on the memo line.

Sermon Study Guide

​You can access a digital copy of the study guide by clicking below.