Good Friday

*Note for preparation: To fully participate in this experience you will need to gather a few items ahead of time. You will need small strips of paper, something to write with, a cup or a mug, and elements to take communion. If you missed it last Sunday, feel free to watch a short video from Donn about how to participate in communion at home.


We gather this evening to complete the final leg of our journey on the road to the cross. What is traditionally referred to as “the passion”, this night more than any other, reveals God’s passion for his children and Jesus’ passion to glorify the father through his submission to God’s plan of redemption.

As we walk with Jesus we will make a few stops along the way to allow our hearts to engage with the powerful moments and the profound truths found in the Garden of Gethsemane, the estate of Caiaphas the high priest, the palace of Pilate, and the heights of Golgotha.

Opening Prayer

Father God, open our hearts anew to the meaning and significance of tonight. Lord Jesus help us to enter into your story in a fresh way, that we may find you there and come to see you and ourselves with greater clarity. Fill us with your presence Holy Spirit. Fall afresh on us. Amen.


For families with young children, you can watch this short video about the garden of Gethsemane.

Before you watch the short reflection from Ken Zell, take some time to read through Matthew 26:36-46.

Invitation to a prayer of surrender:

  • Write down the circumstances, challenges, and burdens that you want God to change on your strips of paper and place them in your cup. 

  • Then offer your cup up to God and pray, “Nevertheless, not as I will but as you will.”

Spend some time listening or singing along to the song "Even If" as a way to lean into this space of surrender.

Betrayal and Trial

Take a moment to watch an intro video from Jeff Campbell-Smith and then reflect on the next video below.

If you didn't have enough space for the reflection questions, feel free to pause longer to sit with and discuss the questions from the end of the video.

The Cross

The final stop on this journey is the cross. Take the next few minutes to watch this reflection from Donn Dirckx. After that, we'll end with communion, a song, and a closing prayer.

If you are participating with children, feel free to check out this short video.


After watching Donn's reflection, take some time to participate in communion. If you didn't prepare the elements at the beginning, take a minute to grab some bread and juice.

When you are finished with communion, we'd encourage you to sing the song "Jesus Paid it All." 

Closing Prayer

Lord – on this Good Friday I have been reminded of two truths:
My sin.
And your great love. 
My sin shows itself in my desire to be God… to take the place only you deserve.
My sin shows itself in the ways I worship the creation and not you, the Creator.
My sin shows itself in attitudes of selfishness and self-protection. 
My sin shows itself in how poorly I treat others in what I do and what I have left undone.
Your love shows itself in how you chose to go to the cross.
Your love shows itself in how you humbly stood before your accusers.
Your love shows itself in how you withstood the abuse of your captors.
Your love shows itself in how you died the death of a common criminal on the cross. 
I confess my sin to you and humbly ask for your grace and mercy. 
Thank you for your great love as the Suffering Servant.
Prepare my heart to experience and celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. 

Thank you for taking the time to join us for this special evening of remembrance. May the peace of Christ be with you.