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Join us Sunday!

In light of the recommendations of the city and state regarding COVID-19, we will not be having our usual Sunday gatherings at the Baseline Community Church campus. Instead we will be doing Digital Gatherings in our homes throughout our community. The important thing to remember is that church is not canceled. The Church is a group of people, not a building. So although we won't be meeting together at our normal gathering place on Sundays, we will still participate as the people of God from our homes. We know that this will feel different and possibly even a bit uncomfortable for some of us, but we trust that God will continue to work as we seek him together as a community.

What is a Digital Gathering?

On Sunday mornings we gather as the people of God to experience the transformative presence of Jesus. The intent of a Digital Gathering is no different. We will provide you with a worship guide for you to use on your own or with your family on Sunday mornings. This guide will include some prompts for worship, a brief teaching and opportunities to respond through prayer. 

Who is this for?

This online gathering is open to everyone. All you need is a device and internet access. Whether you're participating as a family, a couple, or a single individual, this is for you. It may feel like this is something we are doing in isolation, but we are actually engaging in this together. 

But wait...how do I use the worship guide?

The worship guide will provide you with some prompts to make space to engage your heart and mind in worship. Using it is fairly simple. When you click on "Worship Guide" below, a page will open. Begin at the top of the page. If you're participating as a couple or a family, choose a person to read. You will read a section then watch a video. After the video finishes, keep scrolling through the worship guide and move to the next section. There may be some direction for engaging in a spiritual discipline or some questions to discuss. Some of us struggle with these elements because it is hard to actually pull out a journal to reflect or to actually engage in a conversation around spiritual matters. As awkward as it may feel, we'd encourage you to lean into these moments. 


This time of worship may last anywhere from 45 minutes to over an hour. We intentionally did not give specific amounts of time to each section because we think it's important for you to move at your own pace. What's important to remember is that there is not a "right" way to participate in this. It's also not something to just check off your list. Rather, it's an opportunity to make ourselves available to the movement of the Holy Spirit. We pray that this time would help you encounter Jesus in a fresh way.

Worship Guides
Maundy Thursday 
Easter | Sunrise
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Good Friday
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Easter | 10:00am
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Youth and Kids
  • Click here to join the Middle School gathering on YouTube - Sunday at 10:30am

  • Click here to join the High School gathering on Instagram - Sunday at 6:30pm

  • Click here to check out a YouTube channel dedicated to Baseline Kids or click here to connect with Baseline Kids on Instagram

Virtual Core Groups

If you are interested in learning more about how to join a virtual core group gathering through Zoom, contact Linda Miller here

Give Online

We are determined to practice generosity with free hearts, fixing our hope on God and not the uncertainty of wealth. We give in response to the grace and generosity of God. You can mail in cash or a check. Also you can click the links below to give online.