Worship Guide - April 5


Every Sunday we focus on retelling the good news of Jesus Christ. This Sunday is no different. This guide is meant to support you worshipping through a Digital Gathering. Below, you will find a few suggestions and prompts to lead you into worship centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through our worship we magnify the greatness of God the Father, we thank Jesus for His grace and we receive the empowerment that comes from the Holy Spirit. May this time of resting in God's presence encourage your soul.

To begin, check out this invitation to worship from Jennifer Gentry.


Many of us think of worship as a time to sing with a band at church. Worshipping through song in a corporate setting is good and beautiful but worship is so much more than that. To worship is to turn your attention and affection towards God in adoration and awe. God has given us so many creative ways in Scripture as examples of how we can participate in worship. 

Below are a few suggestions for what your time of worship could look like. 

  • Worship by meditating on a Psalm such as Psalm 8 or Psalm 130. Read it aloud. Read slowly. Ask the Holy Spirit to draw your attention to a single word or phrase. Once you have something in your mind’s eye, spend a couple of minutes meditating on it and ask God what he might be saying to you through that particular word, phrase or image. If you are participating as a couple or a family, it may be helpful to share what caught your attention in the Psalm.

  • Worship God by acknowledging your dependency on Him through a breath prayer. Breathing is primarily unconscious. We forget how dependent we are on our breath. Breath prayer helps us slow down to remember how we are all dependent on God for every single breath. Embodied practices usually engage our hearts in a unique way. Choose one of these breath prayers.

    • breathe in "Abba," breathe out "I belong to you."

    • breathe in "Lord," breathe out "here I am."

    • breathe in "Jesus," breathe out "have mercy on me."

    • breathe in "Holy Spirit," breathe out "have your way."


Take a moment to thank God for all you have and use the Pushpay app (or click here) as a way to give to the needs and mission of the local church. 

Preaching of the Word

Ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart to receive God’s Word. Play this video teaching from Kyle Hahn.​

After watching the teaching, we'd encourage you to respond by participating in a time of communion. Before you do, take a minute to watch Pastor Donn's invitation to communion.​

Consider responding to a few of these prompts:

  • Do you consider yourself a curious person? Why or why not?

  • How might this discipline of holy curiosity impact your discipleship to Jesus?

  • What obstacles are currently keeping you from seeing Jesus?

  • What aspect of Zacchaeus's story do you personally identify with?

  • Is there one thing that you sense the Lord is speaking to you this morning?

Respond in Prayer

Close your time by praying for each other, our communities, nation and world. If you’re participating on your own, it’s perfectly acceptable to call up someone from Baseline and pray with them over the phone. 

Feel free to send prayer requests to prayer@baselinecc.com or text them to 909.643.5742. If you’d like the staff to pray for you by name, please add your name to your email or text message. We look forward to partnering with you in prayer.

Holy Week Announcements
  • Monday – Join us for a digital prayer gathering on Zoom at 7:00pm. There has been a Constant Contact sent out with the link to be a part of this. (Feel free to contact us if you need the link to the zoom meeting)

  • Thursday – There will be a Maundy Thursday service you can participate in

  • Friday – There will be a Good Friday service you can participate in. Both Thursday and Friday will give you the opportunity to take communion

  • Easter Sunday – We are so excited to celebrate our risen Lord on Sunday. Join us for our sunrise gathering at 6:30am or for main gathering at 10:00am. The content of both digital gatherings will be different, so feel free to participate in both!

  • Zoom – Most of us will be participating at 10:00am and then at 11:00am we want as many of us as possible to be on a Zoom call to remind all of us that “He is Risen!” Instructions for how to join the Zoom call will be provided on the Easter worship guide for Easter.